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Welcome to this site on Cichlids!

     Do you know what a cichlid is? Well, it's a fish type that is aggressive and terroitoal. Some of these fish can even live toegher! If you continue to read or do anything in this site, you'll find how to have a tank for your fish, info on fish, and more!

An Amazon Tank

     When making an Amazon tank, be sure to buy a 29 gallon tank or higher. Since cichlids and some other fish get pretty big, you want them to have a lot of room. In this tank, you should have a lot of rocks or driftwood in the tank. Even some plants, but not real water plants, fake ones. You see, cichlids like to destroy live plants and they can't destroy fake ones.


You need:

29 gallon tank or higher

1 heater

A filter

Fish stand


a gravel cleaner

     All of this is a lot of money. So be careful that you have all the money you think you need. After buying all of these supplies, you should place the tank and stand near an electricle outlet.  You then should clean the gravel by rinsing it out throuole. You can then pour the gravel in your new tank. You can then fill the tank up 1/3. After that you can placde any decorations and your gravel cleaner in, following the directions of the cleaner. When you are finished filling the tank, you can put in your filter and heater. You should add in aqua safe again following the directions. Next is the hardest part. Waiting to put in your new fish! You should wait until the water is on 78 F. Then you can put your fish in! Your fish will be a little nervous when you first get them, but in a few days they will be swimming around.

Here is a tank.

Notice how the owner has rocks and driftwood in the tank.

Fish you can get for your new tank!

     Well, you have the tank all ready but now you only need fish.For an Amazon Tank you can have firemouth cichlids and angelfish. Well, those are some good chooses. Offer caves for the firemouths to live in. Other fish yuo can get would be pencilfish, bristlefish,and ram fish.

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The firemouth cichlid


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